((I’m collaborating with my homodatchi, Harululu on selling anime merch! Normally I don’t sell/advertise things online, but college is creeping up and being very difficult on my wallet, so ANY amount of incoming fund can help alot ;u; Please take a look! Many thanks to Haru for letting me sell my pin design in her store~ ily bb ))


((The awesome stuff below is designed by Haru. GOSH HER ARTWORK IS SO ADORABLE *_*))

((We appreciate your interest~))

(/^▽^)/  »>harululu.storenvy.com«<  \(^▽^\)

((FAQ: Why are you not updating often anymore?))

((Some of you have been wondering why this blog has been moving at a snail’s pace. I work 5 days a week this summer; right after work I have tae kwon do lessons, and when I get back I have barely any energy or motivation to draw. Thus the only free time I have is during the weekends, when I want to spend time socializing haha. Still I try my best to update once a week because I hate disappointing people even if I only know them online ;w; Thank you for sticking with me, I love every one of you my dear followers ;w;))

((Wow this is really late but I had (SOMEHOW) managed to get three-day tickets for New York Comic Con!!! I plan to do Kawoshin for all three days~))

((Sequel to the sad Draftworu ask because so many people asked for it. Part One here))